Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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Lesli Charleson (Monica, GH)Nikolas, Emily and Lucky watch footage from a security camera at the airport and find proof that a disguised Colleen stole Spencer but have no idea where she took him. Speaking of Colleen, she begins to settle into her new life with Spencer in Denver.

At the same time, Alan goes over Ms. Sneed’s head and hires Sam at the hospital. Meanwhile, Stan gives Jason evidence that Mateo really is who he says he is but also uncovers the fact that Mateo was more evil than Manny before he found religion in prison. Hum. Maybe we were wrong about the good twin thing. Time will tell. Meanwhile, Jason fears that Mateo could be out for revenge. Speaking of which, Sam comes face to face with Mateo on the docks.

On the other side of town, Spinelli tells Lulu that he believes that Alan was the one who killed Rick Webber. Monica asks Dillon to steer Lulu away from Spinelli after overhearing them discussing Rick’s murder. Dillon gets pulled into trying to solve the mystery of Rick’s murder with Lulu and Spinelli.

Shortly thereafter, Maxie continues to manipulate Lucky. Elizabeth becomes emotional as she watches Jason’s easy way with Cameron. Elizabeth grows suspicious when Epiphany states that it is hard to believe that Maxie was ever pregnant.

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