Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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{mosimage}Ric surprises everyone when he makes a decision about the charges against Sam. Alexis is in great pain due to the chemo treatments and Sam learns there isn’t any medication that can alleviate her suffering. Alexis can’t forgive Sam for sleeping with Ric.

Meanwhile, Jason has his hands full with Spinelli. Sam land Jason catch Spinelli smoking marijuana in the penthouse.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth refuses to allow Lucky back in her life. Lucky accuses Maxie of planting the drugs in his desk. Maxie stages a fall down the stairs at Kelly’s after Lucky severs all ties with her.

Across town, Carly and her family anticipate her wedding to Jax. Carly panics when Jax sees her in her wedding dress.

At the same time, Robin shows Patrick an apartment she’s found for him but he has no desire to move. Patrick sees red when the landlord doesn’t want to rent to someone who works with AIDS patients and demands to be given a lease.

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