Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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{mosimage}Sonny decoys Ric as Jason and Spinelli turn themselves in to Rodriguez and Lucky. Spinelli creates a duplicate flash drive which proves Ric’s evidence against Sonny and Jason is bogus. Ric plans on destroying the original flash drive but finds it missing from his safe. Alcazar has Ric’s copy of the flash drive in his possession as well as recordings of Ric incriminating himself. Alcazar explains to Skye how he’s going to blackmail Ric.

Across town, Lulu realizes Carly is conflicted over Sonny and Jax. The stage is set for battle when Sonny arranges a romantic dinner for him and Carly.

In the meantime, Georgie's is flattered when Pete asks her to be his research assistant for a novel he’s writing. A scheming Maxie is up to no good.

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