Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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{mosimage}Jason warns Carly that she and the boys could be in danger from Zacchara and plans on increasing their guards. Carly dissembles as she vents to Jason about Jax having slept with Irina. Trevor makes an overture to Jerry. Jason throws down with Trevor. Emily gives Jax her take on Jerry. Jax is disillusioned by his brother and tries to give Carly the assurances she seeks. Carly ends up in Jax’s arms.

While in more light-hearted developments, Spinelli comes to the aid of three Playboy Bunnies (Holly, Kendra and Bridget) as part of a fantasy he has with Lulu. Can you say Spinelli as Heff? Meanwhile, Logan has taken Lulu back to his apartment. Logan and Lulu’s good time takes them to the brink of making love and both are unaware that Maxie is hiding in the closet watching them.

While on the other side of town, Emily disappoints Nikolas when she can’t take time off from work to impulsively fly to Italy with him. Nikolas invokes the Cassadine name and threatens to destroy Russell’s career and reputation when he hears him reprimanding Emily at the hospital. Emily is shocked by Nikolas’ actions. Oh yeah and lest we forget – the Playboy Bunnies, Holly, Kendra and Bridget are from the GIRLS NEXT DOOR.

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