Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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{mosimage}Elizabeth swears to Lucky that Jason is out of her life. Jason asks Spinelli to use his cyber skills to try and get a lead on the men who attacked Elizabeth and wonders if Ric could be involved. However, it’s Maxie who puts the pieces together when she sees Sam paying off the goons she hired to menace Elizabeth and promises she’ll keep Sam’s secret even though Sam admits to nothing.

Speaking of a scheming Sam, she works to get closer to Lucky and wants to hire him to be her bodyguard. Sonny doesn’t show Elizabeth any sympathy when she asks him to look out for Jason.

On the other side of Port Charles, Patrick’s pent up frustration with his father comes roaring to the surface when Noah suffers a case of stage fright and wants to back out of the concert. Anna and Robin are more alike than they realize as they share their take on things with Noah and Patrick, respectively. Noah and Patrick mend fences but Noah takes a tumble while escaping a falling prop and injures his throat, jeopardizing the concert.

At the same time, Kate tries to strike a deal with Ric but he’s determined to use her to hurt Sonny. The day winds down as a surprised Kate finds an old flame waiting for her in her room.

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