Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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Lucky gets more pills from Maxie. Elizabeth pours her heart out to Jason but hides when Lucky arrives. Lucky confronts Jason over Alexis’s motives for covering up the truth about Manny’s death. Elizabeth realizes Lucky is worse off than she believed. Elizabeth prepares to confront Lucky about the pills but gets sidetracked by Lucky’s romantic surprise. Lucky and Elizabeth make love.

Over at the hospital, Noah struggles to accept the fact that Patrick may have contracted HIV. April learns what happened during her surgery and later speaks with Patrick. Alan gives Patrick the results of his first blood test.

In the meantime, Sam is hurt when Alexis accuses her of stealing Manny’s file. Sam overhears Alexis and Ric’s argument and learns of Alexis’s deal with Jason. Ric and Sam commiserate over their anger towards Alexis.

Across town, Lulu is confused by Maxie’s behavior.