Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Jax and Carly get a call from Emily telling them that Jerry has been stabbed and is going to undergo emergency surgery. Jax insists he doesn’t care what happens to Jerry but Carly knows otherwise. Carly heads to the hospital to check on Jerry, who momentarily regains consciousness as Jax arrives in his room.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is dismayed to find himself in the alley with the bloody knife in his hand. After returning to Wyndemere, Nikolas burns his bloodied shirt in the fireplace. Emily finds a piece of Nikolas’ bloody shirt.

Lulu insists she want nothing to do with Logan but her heart is clearly breaking. Scott makes an offer to Lulu, saying he’ll drop the charges against Luke and turn Laura’s guardianship back over to Nikolas if she’ll agree to give Logan one more chance.

While in various couples developments, Lucky and Elizabeth trade threats as their divorce war escalates. Robin and Patrick make an attempt to clear the air but remain apart. Patrick and Leyla enjoy their date together. Kelly secretly listens as Robin agrees to have a friendly drink with Andy.

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