Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Amelia stops Sam from shooting Jerry, claiming she didn’t want to see Sam kill another man. Spinelli is no match for Jerry, who holds him hostage along with Sam and Amelia as he reveals his true identity. Jerry explains to Jason that he’s set in motion a plan to have Emily framed for espionage should anything happen to him. Jason realizes that his hands are tied where Jerry is concerned at least for the time being.

Carly sees red when Alexis arrives offering to help Jax. After surviving their first fight, Jax makes it clear to Carly that he will stand by her no matter what.

Skye takes a huge risk when she warns Sonny that Alcazar is planning on leaving the country. Sonny gives Jason the go ahead to kill Alcazar as soon as Skye is reunited with her daughter. Amelia goes to Sonny’s office and they end up making love.

Jerry exposes his true identity to Emily and Nikolas and tells them that Jason is powerless to kill him because it would result in Emily being sent to prison for espionage.

While in more romantic developments, Robin exasperates Patrick with her logic for why they shouldn’t live together. Patrick and Robin make up by making love.

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