Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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Tony Geary and Genie Francis (Luke and Laura, General Hospital)Sonny and Amelia can’t get enough of each other but finally tear themselves apart. Sonny isn’t pleased by the publicity Sam is generating for him. Per Sonny’s instructions, Diane serves Amelia with an injunction shutting down production of Everyday Heroes. Amelia plays hardball with Sonny. Jason is in a tight spot when Sam asks him to intercede with Sonny and get the injunction lifted.

In the meantime, Tracy returns from her business trip to find Alan’s ghost still hasn’t left the mansion. Luke tells Tracy that the guardianship hearing for Laura is drawing near. Luke is intrigued when he realizes that Dillon knows a secret about Scott. Tracy warns her son that Luke can never learn the truth about Rick Webber’s death.

While in more romantic developments, Jax and Carly enjoy an idyllic honeymoon on the beach in Fiji. Jax tends to Carly when she suffers a minor mishap and they end up making love.

Back in Port Charles, Lulu panics when she sees Logan being hauled off by two men. Lulu races to ask Sonny for help and is surprised to find him interrogating Logan. Sonny leaves Logan with a serious warning. Lulu bristles when Logan asks her to intervene with Sonny on his behalf.

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