Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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{mosimage}Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky are unaware of Nikolas’ predicament with Mr. Craig. Wanting to protect his loved ones, Nikolas feigns anger with Lucky, Emily and Elizabeth. Nikolas makes the noble sacrifice of pushing Emily away for her own safety, claiming he needs his space. Nikolas makes his first call on Mr. Craig’s behalf.

Amelia makes a gracious exit, leaving Carly and Jax alone together. Using her own brand of logic, Carly seduces Jax and then tells him that he’s now even with Sonny and that they’re through. Jax believes that Carly is giving up on them and makes it clear that is her choice, not his. A heartbroken Carly sticks to her resolve and leaves.

Speaking of Sonny, he reaches out to Alexis, who is suffering from the effects of the chemo. Sonny is confident he’ll win Carly back.

At the same time, Lulu wonders how Jason can agree not to be a part of his child’s life. Jason confesses that he thinks about the baby all the time but feels he’s made the decision that works out best for everyone. Not wanting to see her brother hurt, Lulu resolves to keep the truth to herself.

Across Port Charles, Sam confronts Tracy, who denies sending her the newspaper clipping of Angela. Jason and Sam make a decision about the future. Alan’s ghost warns Tracy that he will haunt her until she does the right thing. Edward and Monica inform an irate Tracy that they are going to contest Alan’s will as they are certain she and Luke forged it. Tracy and Luke know that Alan had intended to leave everything to any child Jason might have.

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