Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Greg Vaughan (Lucky, General Hospital)Sonny assures a livid Carly he has things under control when she accuses him of ignoring Jason in favor of Kate. Kate takes notice of the strong dynamic between Sonny and Carly. Sonny talks Ric out of holding Kate overnight but she shows him no gratitude. Sonny enjoys pushing Kate’s buttons.

Jane asks Jerry to stay out of Jax’s life and has a bitter parting with her eldest son. Jerry questions Carly’s loyalty to Jax. Jane doesn’t want Jax to throw his life away trying to rescue Jerry anymore. Jerry makes a desperate move when his past catches up to him.

Coop intervenes when Lulu goes ballistic on Logan after he plants a kiss on her. Coop warns Logan he can’t pull the same stuff in Port Charles that he did during the war. Maxie is ticked off when she sees Lulu and Coop sharing a friendly chat. Maxie challenges Logan to get Lulu into bed and agrees to sleep with him if he does.

Lucky storms off after arguing with Elizabeth over him arresting Jason. Emily cautions Elizabeth not to stay with Lucky out of pity or obligation. Elizabeth makes it clear to Emily that she’s with Lucky for the right reasons. Lucky and Elizabeth both regret their argument and quickly reconcile when he returns home.

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