Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)Jason defends the decisions he’s made when Sam confronts him about being Jake’s father and keeping the truth from her. Sam comes clean with Jason about her scandalous past and fears Amelia is out to destroy her. A hurt and angry Sam storms out when Jason asks her if she took Jake.

Maxie seems genuine when she offers Lucky and Elizabeth her condolences about Jake but a feisty Lulu accuses her of having ulterior motives. Lucky and Elizabeth try to escape from their pain. Elizabeth breaks down in tears after having a dream about telling Jason she loves him when he rescues their son.

Kate protests a bit too much when a flirtatious Sonny suggests she might be jealous of the fact that he was with Amelia. Sonny has to call the hotel staff when Kate gets stuck in a compromising position on the bed while trying to retrieve the valuable necklace she dropped. Kate is mortified when she overhears the hotel staff assuming she and Sonny are sleeping together.

Carly assumes Jax will fly home with her after they escape from the gunmen but he has other plans. Carly makes an impassioned plea for Jax to stop trying to come to Jerry’s rescue but Jax makes equally valid points about why he can’t give up on his brother. Carly still loves Jax even though she’s angry with him as she leaves to fly back to Port Charles alone.

Someone is keeping an eye on Amelia.

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