Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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Sonny dismisses Emily’s claims that he isn’t acting normally. Ric questions Lainey about bipolar disorder and later uses the information to push Sonny’s buttons. Emily voices her fears to Lainey, who advises her to convince Sonny to get the help he needs. Speaking of Sonny, his mood darkens when he learns that Nikolas is John’s father as he believes he will lose Emily to Nikolas.

At the same time, Jax takes sole responsibility for perpetuating the lie about being John’s biological father. Nikolas thanks Robin for telling the truth. However, Patrick takes the opposite stand. He accuses Robin of exposing the lie in order to get back at Carly. Jax and Carly are heartbroken over the prospect of losing John. Carly soon wonders why Jax ended up throwing everything away by admitting the truth.

On the other side of Port Charles while speaking with Jason, Elizabeth begins to suspect that Lucky could be addicted to painkillers. Meantime, Sam learns that Alexis had Jason arrested for going ahead with the surgery that saved her life. The day winds down as Manny approaches Kristina.