Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Jane Elliot (Tracy, General Hospital)Amelia tells Jason about Sam’s history of conning men. Jason doesn’t condemn Sam and believes Amelia is way off base with her assumption that Sam is using him. Jason is blindsided when Amelia reveals that Sam knows he’s the father of Elizabeth’s baby.

Speaking of Sam, she admits to Alexis that she wants a baby and feels her life won’t be complete without one.

Across town, Kate reluctantly agrees to spend the night at Sonny’s and changes into one of his shirts. Sonny and Kate’s casual dinner is interrupted first by Bernie, then Max and finally Diane, none of whom are pleased by what they see. Kate and Sonny have fun together but Kate goes to bed alone.

At Jake’s, an inebriated Patrick, Robin, Stan, Kelly and Lainey end up in a battle of the sexes. Robin and Patrick take their discussion home and make love. Patrick is taken aback when Robin overreacts to a comment he makes.

Tracy insists that Lulu move back into the mansion. The Quartermaines put their arguing aside and rally around Tracy when Scott accuses her of helping Luke kidnap Laura. Alan warns Tracy that their father is up to no good. Scott takes action against Tracy and arrests her.

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