Tuesday, July 4, 2006

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Elizabeth asks Lucky to help Jason without calling for backup. As Manny escapes after shooting Jason in the shoulder, the mobster brings Sam to Elizabeth and Patrick and takes off after Manny. Jason and Manny are later engaged in a standoff on the roof of the hospital when Lucky arrives on the scene. Lucky shoots at Manny just as Jason pushes Manny off the roof to his death. As the cop takes credit for killing Manny, he is unaware that a surveillance camera captured the entire incident. While all this drama is going down, Sam rails at Alexis for having Jason arrested earlier, as her true love collapses in Elizabeth’s arms.

Meanwhile, Anna has an agenda where Alcazar is concerned and steals his cell phone, but later denies Robert’s accusation that she’s on a mission. As for her ex’s agenda, Robert plays on Tracy’s weakness for Luke to get her to allow him to keep working at the Haunted Star. As Robin forgives Robert and Anna for the mistakes they made as parents, a drunken Tracy rants to Alcazar about men.