Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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{mosimage}A spiteful Lucky has Jason arrested for jumping bail. Although angry at Lucky, Elizabeth vows to herself that she’ll stay with him so that all the sacrifices Jason has made won’t be in vain. Scott insists that Jason be transferred to Pentonville immediately. Sonny, and later Carly, say goodbye to Jason.

Meanwhile, Amelia toys with Sam before dropping the bomb that Jason knows Sam watched as Maureen snatched Jake from the park. Sam misses her chance to see Jason before he’s sent to prison, where he won’t be allowed visitors.

Carly has no sympathy for Jerry and wants him out of her and Jax’s lives. Kate witnesses Sonny’s concern for Carly when he senses she could be in danger from Jerry.

Coop intervenes when Scott wants to have a drunken Logan arrested. Logan surprises Maxie with the news that he’s Scott’s son and pulls her into a kiss.

An irritated Noah denies that he looks anything like the singer Eli Love but everyone else thinks otherwise. Epiphany shows a rarely seen side when she reveals how an adolescent crush on the lead singer of a 1960’s soul band changed her life.

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