Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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{mosimage}Nikolas offers to handle Amelia for Sam but Sam assures him she has the situation under control. Sam and Amelia don’t reveal Sam’s role in Jake’s kidnapping to Nikolas. After enduring Amelia’s taunts, Sam heads to Pentonville to see Jason.

A panicked Alexis tells Sonny they have to meet with as admissions director from a school for gifted children she wants to send Kristina to. Alexis is mortified when some unsavory elements from Sonny’s business life are exposed during the interview but Kate expertly steps in. Sonny invites Kate to dinner but she declines the invitation.

On the other side of Port Charles, Lulu stays with Logan as he recuperates and they both cover what they’re beginning to feel for each other. Meanwhile, a worried Edward informs Tracy that Lulu didn’t come home the night before. Tracy and Scott barge into Logan’s room and find him and Lulu in a clinch.

Shortly thereafter, Nikolas accuses Jerry of trying to have him killed while he was in Russia.

The day winds down as Anna convinces a weakening Eli to have the surgery that will save his life and is certain she’ll be able to pass Noah off as him at the charity concert.

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