Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Using Jason’s old marriage certificate, Carly cons her way into Pentonville to see him. Carly tells Jason that Sam is off the rails but he warns her to leave Sam alone.

Speaking of Sam, Amelia pressures her to return to work on Everyday Heroes and threatens to tell Carly the truth when she arrives. Carly riles Sam when she predicts her days with Jason are numbered.

Ric wants Coop to act as a liaison between his office and the PCPD and assigns him to intercept the shipment he believes Sonny is expecting.

Meanwhile, Lainey gets the cold shoulder from Elizabeth, who is upset that Lainey even considered she could have harmed Jake. Elizabeth doesn’t defend Lucky when Robin laces into him for arresting Jason. Elizabeth admits she agrees with Robin and suggests that Lucky admit that he acted out of spite.

Epiphany’s hero and Rick Springfield lookalike, Eli Love, continues to refuse to consider having surgery. Eli goes ballistic when Noah says he’ll impersonate him so the charity concert can go off as planned. Eli collapses as he tries to leave the hospital.

At the same time, Lulu changes her mind and agrees to go out with Logan after all. Logan makes plans to meet up with Lulu after landing an important shipment for Sonny.

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