Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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{mosimage}Skye puts her faith in Patrick, who is confident she’s making the right decision. Patrick expertly averts a crisis in the operating room as he removes the shrapnel for Alcazar’s brain. A mystery person lurks outside the operating room. Alcazar’s surgery appears to be a success. The mystery person injects something into Alcazar’s IV line. Alcazar goes into cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile, Carly adamantly refuses to marry Sonny. Jason tells Carly she is going to marry Sonny whether she wants to or not as it is the only way to prevent her form having to testify against him. Carly believes she has a different solution and asks Skye to claim that the shooting was an accident. Skye vehemently warns Carly that Sonny will pay for what he did to Alcazar. Carly is unwavering in her decision not to marry Sonny.

Across town, Sam warns Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Elizabeth refuses to end her friendship with Jason just because Sam has a problem with it. Epiphany intervenes when Ms. Sneed wants to put both Sam and Elizabeth on report. Epiphany reminds Sam how Elizabeth risked her job and her freedom to help Jason bust Sam out of the hospital. Sam quits her job at the hospital. Jason apologizes to Elizabeth after Epiphany tells him what happened. Jason assures Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to end their friendship. Sam admits to Jason that she is still bothered over the fact that he slept with Elizabeth. Sam looks forward to becoming pregnant with Jason’s baby.

In other parts of the country, Nikolas and Emily race to Colleen’s address only to learn that it doesn’t exist. Nikolas and Emily manage to find Colleen’s real apartment but it is deserted.

At the same time, Lulu and Dillon have Spinelli trace the phone numbers from Rick Webber’s date book that they found in the attic. Tracy catches a worried Monica eavesdropping on Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli. Monica goads Tracy into breakup up Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli’s meeting. Lulu questions Tracy about Rick, Monica and Alan. Alan finds Monica stealing the date book from Lulu’s backpack.

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