Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Carly tells Jason that Sonny tricked her into marrying him. Carly wants Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic so she can get a divorce from Sonny. But Sonny has made sure that Carly cannot get to her passport, nor can she use "contacts" to get her a fake passport. Jason thinks Carly should file for divorce in New York State and believes that if she loves Jax as much as she claims to, then Sonny won't be able to stand in her way. Carly checks into the Presidential Suite at the Metro Court and bans Sonny from the hotel.

Speaking of the Metro Court, Sam assures Mr. Craig that the hotel's vault is very secure but refuses to give him a tour. Sam is determined to have Jason's baby.

Lucky turns to Nikolas for advice about how to proceed with Elizabeth. Lucky is optimistic that Elizabeth will accept his marriage proposal. Speaking of Elizabeth, she is confused over what to do regarding Lucky and Jason. Jason encounters a teary Elizabeth and offers to help her get what she wants.

And oh yes. He's back! Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner's first airdate) checks into the Metro Court.

At the same time, Patrick learns there is a problem with the results of his HIV test. Robin makes it clear that she will stand by Patrick no matter what, but when Robin and Alan insist that Patrick get the subsequent tests to confirm whether he is HIV positive or not, Patrick chooses to put the test off.

Georgie declines Dillon's invitation to go to the movies in favor of honoring her commitment to help Pete. Meanwhile, Lulu and Spinelli continue their investigation into Rick Webber's murder and conspire to "borrow" Alan's PDA for clues.

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