Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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{mosimage}While lying unconscious in the snow, Elizabeth dreams that Lucky is the father of her baby. Elizabeth’s dream then turns dark as she envisions Lucky back on pills and back together with Maxie. As her dream continues, Elizabeth sees her and Jason happy with Cameron anticipating the arrival of their baby.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Lucky admits to Maxie that they might have had a chance to be a couple at one point. A calculating Maxie takes the high road and appears to make progress with Lucky. Maxie and Lucky find a stray puppy in the snow.

At the same time, Jason takes Elizabeth to the hospital after finding her in the snow. Lucky learns that Elizabeth is in the hospital. Elizabeth awakes to find Lucky and Jason on either side of her hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Sam is overwhelmed with joy when Jason tells her he wants them to have a baby. Sam explains her desire to have Jason’s baby to Spinelli while Maxie is confident she’ll have a future with Lucky.

Shortly thereafter, Carly needles Sonny by calling Jax in front of him. Sonny learns Carly is planning on eloping when Jax returns. Carly insists she will never go back to Sonny. Sonny challenges Carly to get married in Port Charles and promises he won’t interfere. Sonny pulls Carly into a kiss and then walks out.

In the meantime, Nikolas takes his frustration out on Emily as they set out for Denver. Emily and Nikolas devise a plan in which Nikolas will pass himself off as an average middle-class guy once they get to Denver. Emily gives Nikolas pointers on how to act middle-class. Nikolas and Emily get a possible lead on Colleen’s whereabouts.

The day winds down with Patrick showing his discomfort as Robin plans on decorating his apartment and turning it into a real home. Patrick believes that Robin is planning on moving in with him.

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