Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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{mosimage}Jason apologizes to Alan for not being able to give him what he wanted. Jason becomes uncharacteristically emotional as he tells his father that he loves him. Tracy feels the loss of her brother very deeply. Skye honors Alan’s memory by checking in on Edward while a stoic Monica holds her emotions in check. Jason takes Monica in his arms when she finally allows her feelings to come out.

At the same time, Luke loses his cool and punches Scott when he finds him visiting Laura. Luke is certain Scott is up to something and orders him to stay away from his family. Luke wonders why Scott chose this particular time to resurface in town and warns Lulu not to trust him. Lulu and Luke are happy over the news that Lucky and Elizabeth are going to get remarried.

In the meantime, Jax gets an earful when Carly brings him up to speed about what he’s missed. Jax is very upset with the fact that Carly slept with Sonny. Jax is equally blindsided when Carly tells him she married Sonny. Jax would walk away from Carly but stops when Michael and Morgan race in.

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