Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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{mosimage}Sam fuels Lucky’s doubts about Elizabeth as she “innocently” apologizes for not telling him about Elizabeth and Jason sleeping together as soon as she found out about it and implies they could have had an ongoing affair. Diane warns Jason that Elizabeth could pay the price for lying on the witness stand in order to keep the secret about Jake. Jason refuses to consider accepting a plea bargain even as Diane tells him to prepare for the worst possible outcome.

In Venezuela, Jerry’s mercenary instincts kick in as he deftly takes out the gunman sent to kill him and Carly. Carly impresses Jerry with her quick thinking as she spins a tale to the authorities and lays the groundwork to make everyone believe that Alcazar is still alive.

Back on the home front, Robin is horrified to see that Anna and Noah are indeed hooking up. Separately, Patrick and Robin each try to make their parents see that getting involved with one another would be a huge mistake. Try as she might, Anna can’t shrug off Robin’s warnings and ends up sending Noah on his way. Even though things seem to be going her way, Robin can’t shake the image of Anna and Noah together and puts the brakes on romance with Patrick. Noah is plagued by the temptation to drink.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Sonny stays by Kate’s side as she’s rushed to the hospital, where Leo determines that she’s been bitten by a snake. Past memories stir up Sonny’s lingering feelings for Kate.

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