Thursday, October 4, 2007

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Steve  Burton (Jason, General Hospital)Jason wants Carly to tell him everything she’s been up to regarding Johnny. Carly admits to Jason that she doesn’t think Johnny killed Leticia but later warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny at all costs. Lulu tells Johnny she wants nothing to do with him but her actions later belie her words. Logan wants to know what’s going on between Lulu and Johnny but she walks away.

After having her heart broken by Coop, Maxie appears at Logan’s door looking for revenge sex. Logan tells Maxie exactly how he feels about her.

At the same time, Skye broaches the idea of forming an alliance with Ric. Skye eavesdrops as Trevor orders Ric to find someone to pin Leticia’s murder on and leave Johnny’s name out of it.

The day winds down as Emily eases Nikolas’ fears when he worries he could end up hurting her.

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