Thursday, November 2, 2006

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{mosimage}Jason saves Sam from falling off the building. Sam and Jason make a bold move and manage to get away from the police as they make their way to a temporary safe house. Jason assures Sam that he wants a relationship with her, not Elizabeth. Sam and Jason share a kiss but fear they will soon be discovered.

At the same time, Ric accepts Sonny's offer but wants a written statement that Alexis will give him custody of Molly before he'll call off the search for Sam. Sonny bolsters Alexis' spirits. Alexis wants to reclaim her job as District Attorney. Shortly thereafter, Ric confronts Elizabeth with the photos of her and Jason. Elizabeth races to prevent Ric from showing Lucky the photos of her and Jason.

Luke is alarmed to find Laura missing from Shadybrook. Laura reunites with a shocked Lesley and later encounters Bobbie and Tracy at the hospital. Nikolas prevents Tracy from telling Laura about her marriage to Luke. Luke frantically searches for Laura and is desperate to prevent her from remembering the trauma that led to her breakdown. Tracy is furious with Luke for keeping her in the dark about Laura. And before the day is out, Laura finds Luke and Tracy together.

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