Thursday, November 09, 2006

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{mosimage}Jason is desperate to learn Sam’s fate. Sam suffers a minor flesh wound but Ric has her sedated at the hospital as he sets his trap for Jason. Sonny warns Jason not to play into Ric’s hands when Jason insists on going to the hospital after being led to believe that Sam is in critical condition. Carly makes a bold move in her effort to help Jason. Ric grabs Elizabeth seeing her in Sam’s room.

Meanwhile, Luke and Laura decide to get remarried on November 16. Laura overhears Luke assuring Lulu that she didn’t inherit Laura’s mental problems because they were caused by a severe trauma. Laura finds herself drawn to the attic and begins to remember Rick’s death.

Elsewhere, Carly uses her own unique brand of logic when she convinces herself to stick to her original plan of marrying Jax.

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