Thursday, July 25, 2002

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As difficult as it may be, Zander finds himself breaking the promise he made to Elizabeth when he goes ahead and does what Roy asks of him. In the process, Zander steals the money that Benny had hidden away. In the meantime, Alexis gives Felicia and Roy notice after she notices their interaction and compares it to the way she previously defended Sonny. Shortly thereafter, when Ned learns that Alexis intends to leave Port Charles, he exudes enthusiasm. Ned's cheers may soon be short lived, however, when Alexis thinks she may change her plans after Bobbie tells her that Scott wants Sonny arrested for kidnapping.

Speaking of Sonny, he continues to make advances toward Carly, and she continues to fend them off. But Carly finally agrees to give Sonny 24-hours to change his mind, and allows him to therefore successfully spark her interest.

At the same time, Rick paves the way for Scott's promotion to District Attorney. However, Scott is quick to remind Rick that their connection is due to their shared past, and does not involve friendship in any way. Later, Luke prepares to press Scott for answers, while Laura confronts Rick about why he was in the attic.

While on the other side of town, Skye feigns pleasantries when Jax introduces her to his parents. But deep down inside, she does battle with her conscious.