Thursday, January 4, 2007

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{mosimage}Carly threatens to move away with Michael and Morgan if Sonny doesn’t stop trying to undermine her relationship with Jax. Sonny confidently states that he and Carly will always be pulled to each other. Carly realizes that Jason is thinking about starting a family with Sam.

At the same time, Alcazar admonishes Skye to never use a certain cell phone of his as he admits that he is expecting a sensitive shipment and wants her to keep her distance from his operations for her own safety. Jason and Sonny hijack Alcazar’s shipment as Sonny plans Alcazar’s downfall. Alcazar feels the heat from the people calling the shots.

Speaking of Sonny, he agrees to get Alexis more marijuana as he knows she is only using the drug to get relief from her chemo treatments. Sonny gives Spinelli money to keep Alexis supplied with marijuana, which Ric witnesses but mistakenly believes Sonny is hiring Spinelli to get information on Alcazar.

Meanwhile, Maxie continues to use her “miscarriage” to manipulate Lucky. Elizabeth shares her feeling that Maxie could have been faking her pregnancy with Epiphany. Sam loses her temper with Ms. Sneed and announces that she and Jason are trying to have a baby, which Elizabeth hears.

At the same time, Georgie accepts Pete’s invitation to have dinner with him at his apartment so that she can read the first pages of his novel. Then, thanks to Spinelli’s expert hacking skills, Dillon and Lulu learn that Alan left the hospital early on the night Rick Webber was killed. Monica fears Lulu and Dillon are uncovering too much information. Dillon is hurt by Georgie’s indifference when she encounters him with Lulu. Lulu and Dillon find Rick’s datebook in the attic. Monica meets with Lucky and suggests he and Nikolas try to convince Lulu to go away to school.

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