Thursday, February 22, 2007

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{mosimage}After Sam admits she will never be able to carry a child to term, Jason changes his mind about talking with Sam. Monica wants Jason to get cleaned up before he visits Alan.

At the same time, Rodriguez puts a stop to Lucky’s suicide mission as Mr. Craig escapes. Lucky gets word that Elizabeth and the baby survived the explosion. Rodriguez tells Elizabeth that Lucky was courting death when he thought she and the baby were dead. Elizabeth can’t bring herself to shatter Lucky’s world when he tells her that she and their baby are everything to him. Sam wonders why Elizabeth is upset.

Meanwhile, Jason orders Spinelli to dig up information on Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig realizes he will have to search the bombed out Metro Court to find what he’s looking for. Jason vows to make Mr. Craig pay for what he did.

Later, in some romantic developments, Robin and Patrick never want to be apart. With Robin at his side, Patrick gives blood for his HIV test. Then, Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all vie for Lulu’s attention. Tracy is aghast when Luke refuses to interfere in Lulu’s love life. Scott arrives to see Lulu.

On the other side of town, Maxie agrees to help Three hide out until the coast is clear for him to escape. Georgie and Dillon sadly admit that they’re through.

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