Thursday, February 15, 2007

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{mosimage}Mr. Craig threatens to kill more hostages while instituting a sick system of “demerits.” Sonny realizes that all hell will break lose if Mr. Craig doesn’t get the briefcase. Mr. Craig handcuffs Sonny and Carly together in the office.

Meanwhile, Jason instructs Sam to make a break for it the first chance she gets so that she can tell the cops what’s going on inside. Ric plans on storming the building the minute the vault opens. Unbeknownst to Ric, however, Jason orders Spinelli to implement his computer program which will open the vault ahead of schedule. Ric warns Skye that the threat is real and advises her to flee with Lila while she has the chance.

At the same time, Seven taunts Mateo with unsettling results. Over at the General Hospital, Edward tells an unconscious Alan that he is proud of him. Tracy’s words belie the love she feels for Alan. Monica holds herself responsible for Alan’s dire condition.

In the meantime, Maxie continues to bond with Three. In a classic case of the Stockholm Syndrome where the hostage begins to befriend the hostage-taker, Maxie doesn’t believe that Three would hurt her.

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