Thursday, August 2, 2007

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{mosimage}Jason is ready to kill Ric with his bare hands when he badgers Elizabeth on the witness stand. As Lucky looks on, Elizabeth is forced to admit that she and Jason slept together one night last August. Allowed to continue his line of questioning, Ric asks Elizabeth point blank if Jason is Jake’s father.

Amelia fills Sam in on what’s happening inside the courtroom. Sam alerts Nikolas to the fact that Lucky will need a friend to lean on after Elizabeth’s testimony.

At the same time, Jax pushes Irina’s buttons as he tries to maintain his cool demeanor. Irina’s ire rises when she catches Jax trying to make a call. Carly and Jerry head to Caracas as they work on their plan to save Jason.

Back in Port Charles, Sonny tries, but fails, to get Kate to loosen up. Michael and Morgan, however, get Kate to show the side of herself she has come to keep hidden.

Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve when he asks Logan to keep his distance from Lulu. Lulu voices her confusion about Logan to Georgie but ends up meeting him at Jake’s anyway. In the end, Lulu agrees to go on one date with Logan.

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