Monday, September 17, 2007

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Sebastian Roche (Jerry, General Hospital)Sonny is tempted to shoot Jerry on the spot when he insists that Kate is in danger. Meanwhile, Jax comes across Kate’s crashed car and calls for help. Kate is taken to the hospital where it’s determined she has a high level of alcohol in her system but she denies that she had a drink. Jax and Sonny wonder whether it was Jerry or Trevor who drugged Kate.

Shortly thereafter, Trevor arrives at Kate’s hospital room while Sonny is with her. Sonny is angry with Jason for questioning his orders.

While in more romantic developments, Lucky and Sam have no regrets after their night together. At the same time, Elizabeth admits to Emily that she cares for Lucky but the love they once felt for each other is no longer there. Lucky returns home to face Elizabeth as Emily encourages Jason to go after Elizabeth.

Across town, Georgie is surprised to find that Lulu has moved in with Logan but tells Spinelli she thinks that the living arrangement will be short lived. In the meantime, Patrick bristles when he sees Robin with Jason.

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