Monday, November 20, 2006

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{mosimage}Elizabeth manages to get Jason to her old studio and alerts Sonny to the fact that he is alive. Elizabeth is able to remove the bullet and save Jason’s life. Sonny warns Ric that he is living on borrowed time.

Speaking of Ric, he and Mac throw the book at Sam for Diego’s murder. A grieving Carly vows to do everything she can to help Sam. Then, in a surprising – or maybe not so surprising – turn of events, Carly pulls Sonny into a kiss after he tells her that Jason is alive. Shortly thereafter, Sonny learns that Kristina has been traumatized by witnessing Diego’s death.

Speaking of Diego’s death, Alcazar is determined to get revenge on Sam and Sonny. Meanwhile, there is thankfully at least one person who is able to get through to a traumatized Kristina and that turns out to be Jax. Kristina soon falls asleep in his arms.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas struggle to accept the fact that Laura will be fading away again soon. Laura defends Luke’s decision as she encourages her children to remember the happy times they shared.

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