Monday, May 29, 2006

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Robin and Patrick are stranded when his car breaks down on the way to their picnic. Robin and Patrick find shelter in a vacant cabin and make love for the first time.

While back in town, Sonny exhibits uncontrollable mood swings. Alexis is understandably frightened by Sonny’s behavior. Speaking of Sonny, he darkens when he sees Nikolas and Emily in a seemingly close moment.

At the same time, Jason sticks to his resolve and does not reach out to Sam. Alexis reinforces Jason’s decision to cut Sam out of his life. Sam arrives at Jason’s door after sneaking out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Lucky lashes out at Elizabeth when he’s barred from returning to work so soon after his accident. Later, Lucky and Maxie drink their troubles away at Jake’s as they mourn the loss of Jesse. However, their sorrow soon turns to passion and in a surprising turn of events, Maxie kisses Lucky!

Speaking of Port Charles’ younger sect, Georgie’s plan to give Dillon a romantic birthday hits a snag. Later, Georgie learns that Dillon and Lulu kissed in the Maarkham Islands. Then, in a clever move, Diego asks Lulu to team up with him to break up Dillon and Georgie.