Monday, May 28, 2007

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Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Jax, Alexis, Nikolas, Emily and Carly infuriate Mac with their insistence that Jerry isn’t James Craig. Ric surprises both Alexis and Jerry by revealing the PCPD has a sample of Craig’s DNA and insists it be tested against Jerry’s. Carly hates the toll keeping Jerry’s secret is taking on her husband. Jane is deeply troubled to realize that Jerry has turned into the madman Mac claims he is.

Elizabeth asks Jason to keep the status quo but will accept any decision he makes. Elizabeth fears Sam would fight for custody if the truth came out. Meanwhile, Sam confides to Amelia that she believes Jason will be honest with her if they could just reconnect. Sam gives Jason an opening to tell her the truth but the moment is broken by Spinelli. Sam tells Jason that he is all she needs. Jason remains conflicted about the choice he’s made.

Sonny sings Carly’s praises when Kate says she has no class. Kate points out that she and Sonny aren’t all that different. A snooping Ric makes a surprising discovery.

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