Monday, May 14, 2007

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Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)Sam is devastated when she overhears Jason and Elizabeth discussing the baby and learns Jason is the father. After telling Elizabeth that he needs to keep his distance from the baby, Jason is tempted to unburden himself to Carly. Meanwhile, a drunken Sam pours her heart out to Amelia at the Metro Court. Jason wonders what’s bothering Sam when he goes to pick her up at the hotel bar.

Jerry warns Jax to distance himself from him for his own good. Carly is faced with a dilemma as she struggles with keeping the truth about Craig from Jason. Carly drops a bombshell on Jax. A menacing Craig confronts Alcazar over the botched heist.

Sonny enjoys pushing Kate’s buttons with some good natured teasing as they do some reminiscing.

Tracy convinces Luke to do the right thing and stop by the hospital to see Elizabeth and Lucky. Scott warns Tracy things will get very ugly if she doesn’t help him get what he wants. Tracy knows there is more to Scott wanting guardianship of Laura than he’s saying.

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