Monday, March 19, 2007

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{mosimage}Try as she might, Carly can’t ignore the sight of Jax with Amelia. Fearing she’ll break down and kiss Sonny, Carly calls Jason for support. Jason has words for Jax and Sonny and then accuses Carly of wanting both men to fight over her. Carly sees Jason’s point and comes to a decision.

Meanwhile, Jax invites Amelia in for a drink and finds a scantily-clad Carly waiting for him. Sonny wants to plant a snitch inside the police department after Stan tells him that the cops were on to the shipment they were expecting.

At the same time, Sam spins a story for Jason’s benefit as she accepts a delivery for Angela Monroe. Sam breaks down as she burns a newspaper photo of her with an unknown man. Meanwhile, Ric wants to find someone to infiltrate Sonny’s organization.

On the other side of Port Charles, Lulu stops herself from telling Lucky he isn’t the father of Elizabeth’s baby.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Craig lets Nikolas suffer before administering the antidote to the poison. Mr. Craig appears to hold all the cards as he tells Nikolas how things are going to play out.

The day winds down as it’s back to Lulu. Thinking he’s confronting his blackmailer, Scott laces into Lulu as he warns her she might uncover secrets better left buried. Logan comes to Lulu’s defense when Scott threatens her. Maxie is annoyed by Logan’s concern for Lulu. Jason returns home to find Lulu with Sam.

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