Monday. June 11, 2007

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Jason Thompson (Patrick, General Hospital)Kate denies that she’s ashamed of her heritage as she and Sonny spar over the hideous statue that Carly bought as a replacement Kate’s masterpiece. Kate defends her decision to reinvent herself and goes down for the count after taking a header into the statue. Sonny believes Kate’s refusal to go to the hospital stems from her fear that someone will learns she’s really Connie from Bensonhurst. Sonny insists that Kate spend the night but she refuses. Kate storms out but abruptly collapses in Sonny’s arms.

Nikolas is opposed to Luke’s plan to whisk Laura away but Lulu argues it is the best thing to do for their mother. Luke and Tracy put their plan in motion and manage to pull it off. Scott gets an unexpected surprise when he arrives at Rose Lawn to take Laura away. Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas say their goodbyes as Luke takes off for parts unknown with Laura.

Robin sees the terror in Patrick’s eyes when she has an impulsive maternal moment while holding a baby at the hospital and her attempt at damage control only makes the situation worse. A tipsy Patrick isn’t aware Robin is right behind him when he makes his feelings about having children crystal clear.

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