Monday, July 24, 2006

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Sonny is diagnosed with bipolar disorder but is reluctant to take the medication Lainey prescribes. As for the two men who love him most, Jason and Ric argue when Ric tries to explain why he bought the “Lily” dress for Sonny to give to Emily. Sonny severs all ties with Ric.

Meanwhile, Sam is offended when Alexis accuses her of stealing the file containing the evidence against Jason. Ric and Sam bond as they commiserate about their problems with Jason and Alexis. Elizabeth destroys Alexis’ file she stole from the police station.

Over at the Metro Court, Patrick and Robin flirt with Carly and Nikolas respectively to try and make each other jealous. Nikolas gives Robin advice about Patrick.

At the same time, Carly strengthens her resolve not to be pulled back to Sonny.

Elsewhere, Maxie is assaulted by a dealer as she buys more pills for Lucky. Lucky rescues Maxie and takes her to a room upstairs at Kelly’s where they end up making love.