Monday, July 23, 2007

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{mosimage}Kate, who realizes she’s not acting like herself but doesn’t know she’s accidentally taken an aphrodisiac, ends up succumbing to her desires and makes love with Sonny. After getting a call from Warren, Kate puts the pieces together and vows to Sonny that it will never happen again.

Meantime, Patrick almost blows Noah’s charade sky high when he mistakenly thinks Noah, as Eli, is drinking. Anna, however, has the situation under control and is only giving Noah water. Anna gives a pesky groupie the boot as Noah’s temptation starts to get the better of him. Patrick and Robin are wide-eyed when Anna pulls Noah into a steamy kiss.

Across Port Charles, Elizabeth tries to be honest about her feelings for Jason and Lucky. Sam summons her composure and doesn’t tell Lucky the truth about Jake. Elizabeth continues to insist to Lucky that he is the man she wants to be with and raise a family with. Shortly thereafter, however, Lulu tells Jason that she feels Elizabeth will have to make a choice between him and Lucky.

At the same time, Alexis and Carly’s plan to get their hands on Jerry’s PDA goes awry when Ric arrives. Jerry reveals he had been wise to Carly and Alexis all along and refuses to reveal Jax’s location.

The day winds down when in front of Lulu, Cody hints that Logan is hiding a dark past in Iraq.

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