Monday, July 10, 2006

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Sonny refuses to commit himself to Rose Lawn. Shortly thereafter, Jason sends Carly home and will stay with Sonny until he is better. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth warns Carly that Jason could bleed to death if his wound reopens. Meanwhile, Jason feels responsible for Sonny’s breakdown and apologizes to him.

On the other side of Port Charles, Sam schemes against Ric and Alexis, who play right into her hands.

At the same time, Tracy is mortified when she finds Lulu and Dillon in bed together! As yuou can imagine, it’s not long before Tracy convinces a reluctant Robert to talk to Lulu. Meanwhile, Dillon defends his relationship with Lulu to Tracy, who tries to convince him that he is making a huge mistake. Later, Robert and Tracy want to know if Dillon and Lulu are in love.

Speaking of Port Charles’ new young couples, Georgie goes on a date with Diego. In the meantime, Lucky continues to abuse his pain pills. Later, Maxie fuels Lucky’s suspicions about Elizabeth and Patrick. The day winds down as Lucky and Maxie end up in a kiss.