Monday, February 26, 2007

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{mosimage}Jason and Mr. Craig’s standoff continues to play out. Ultimately, Jason outmaneuvers Mr. Craig and shoots him.

While across town, Russell forces Monica to accept the truth about Alan’s condition. A guilt-ridden Monica tells Edward and Tracy that Alan won’t survive and blames herself for his demise. Tracy and Edward try to rally Monica, who accepts that the situation is hopeless. However, Emily hopes Alan can hold out until Jason arrives. Unfortunately, her prayers are unanswered. Jason arrives too late to say goodbye to his father.

At the same time, Carly fights her heart as she tells Sonny that even though they might love each other, they can’t be together. Sonny angers Carly when he follows her home and pitches that they can be happy together. Thinking she’s opening her door to Sonny again, Carly blurts that one night of sex won’t change anything between them. Imagine Carly’s surprise and shock when she finds Jax standing before her.

Meanwhile, Lucky walks out of Elizabeth’s hospital room resigned to the fact that she’ll never take him back. Later, Elizabeth gets a surprise visit from Luke, who explains how Laura’s forgiveness changed his life and feels she could do the same for Lucky. Elizabeth gives Lucky an answer to his marriage proposal. Luke credits Laura with inspiring him to act on Lucky’s behalf with Elizabeth.

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