Monday, December 11, 2006

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{mosimage}Jason and Lulu find their way to Spinelli’s grandmother’s house. Lulu is forced to go along with the ruse when Miriam, Spinelli’s grandmother, assumes she is pregnant with Spinelli’s child. Lulu comes close to breaking down when Miriam praises her for not aborting her child.

Back in Port Charles, Alcazar learns his men have located Spinelli. Skye moves in with Alcazar as part of their agreement.

Elsewhere, Alexis appeals for Sonny and Ric to make peace for the sake of Kristina and Molly.

At the same time, Jax makes inroads with Michael and Morgan. Sonny’s blood boils when he sees Michael embracing Jax. Sonny tells Carly he will never allow Jax to take his children or her away from him.

Across town, Nikolas and Emily share a romantic evening together. Colleen dyes her hair as part of her disguise.

Meanwhile, Patrick fractures his hand when he punches Coleman. Robin will move in with Patrick to act as his live-in nurse.

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