Monday, April 9, 2007

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Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)Michael refuses to unlock the door and will gladly suffer any punishment given if his parents end up back together. Sonny almost manages to pull Carly back. Michael lies to Jax, telling him Carly went to see Sonny. Michael opens the door as Sonny and Carly are poised to kiss.

Meanwhile, Jax laments his troubles with Carly to Amelia. Carly races to call Jax and is caught off-guard when Amelia answers his phone.

Lulu makes a compelling argument for Jason to allow Elizabeth to raise the baby with Lucky. Although anguished, Jason promises Lulu he will stick with the decision he’s made. Lulu hurts Spinelli’s feelings and later apologizes. Dillon and Milo see red when they find Lulu in Spinelli’s arms.

At the same time, Sam and Lucky get stuck in the elevator together when they go to the Metro Court to meet Jason and Elizabeth, respectively. Jason is on edge when he runs into Elizabeth at the hotel.

Across town, Mr. Craig eavesdrops as Ric and Alexis reopen old wounds. Mr. Craig gives Alexis the pills she accidentally dropped at Wyndemere and insists on taking her to the hospital.

Alan enjoys driving Tracy crazy with his haunting of her. Luke thinks he has a way of exorcising Alan’s spirit, but Alan makes it clear he’s not going anywhere.

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