Monday, April 23, 2007

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Greg Vaughan (Lucky, General Hospital)Carly is in turmoil as she gives Sonny his birthday presents from the boys and does her best to resist him. Carly asks Sonny to love her enough to let her go. Sonny gives Carly one last kiss and wishes her happiness.

Shortly thereafter, Jax and Carly look forward to their future together. Sonny remembers his past with Carly. Jax is pleasantly surprised to find Jane at the Metro Court.

Meanwhile, Mr. Craig agrees to let Patrick live in exchange for Robin’s continued cooperation. Nikolas questions why Mr. Craig is so intent on staying in Port Charles where so many people could identify him. Robin and Patrick pretend to still be at odds as they work together at the hospital. Emily is speechless when she secretly witnesses a kiss between Patrick and Robin.

Across town, Jason and Sam spring into action to fight off Cortez and Ochoa. A horrified Amelia looks on as Sam shoots and kills Ochoa in order to save her own life. Amelia does damage control and convinces Mayor Floyd it would be in everyone’s best interest to keep the incident under wraps. Amelia tells Jason it would be best for Sam’s career if he distanced himself from her. Jason takes off on his motorcycle.

The day winds down as Lucky reconsiders his impulse to make Jason the baby’s godfather after getting another reminder of how violent Jason’s life can be.

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