General Hospital Episode Recaps, Thursday, February 14, 2008

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{mosimage}Happy Valentine’s Day.

A traumatized Kristina completely shuts down after having spotted the Text Message Killer through the window at the lake house. Lucky and his team find no trace of the killer but Alexis and Diane remain convinced he had been outside.

Claudia gets no where with Jason after she challenges him to a game of pool at Jake’s. Kate believes she and Sonny are far from through. Claudia arrives to witness Kate pulling Sonny into a kiss. Claudia wants to make a deal with Sonny, who warns her to stay away from Kate.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Jax and Carly look forward to having a baby of their own. Carly and Robin learn of each others’ pregnancy. Jax arranges a special Valentine’s Day surprise for Carly.

In the meantime, Sam antagonizes Elizabeth at the hospital. After speaking with Jason, Elizabeth is more certain than ever that she’s the person who ran Sam down.

At the same time, a down and out Tracy wants nothing to do with Luke when she finds him working and living at Kelly’s. Tracy shoots Luke down when he proposes they team up to prove whether or not Monica hit Sam with her car.

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