General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Brandon Barrish (Johnny, General Hospital)Claudia denies Johnny's accusation that she somehow forced Olivia to break up with him. A manipulative Claudia is privately pleased when Dominic jumps to her defense. After making a blatant play for Dominic, Claudia tells Olivia to book her a suite at the Metro Court under an assumed name. Dominic is told he needs to wear a wire in order to get the goods on Sonny. Johnny makes another appeal for Olivia not to end things between them but she sends him away.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam enlist Spinelli's help in proving Claudia's guilt. Sam, Jason and Spinelli discover that the police found a pocket tape recorder on Ian Devlin's body and wonder if it holds the key to learning the truth about Claudia.

Michael flies into a rage when Kiefer comes to pick up Kristina and Molly and begins pummeling him. Jax and Carly urge Michael not to try and block his memories.

Nikolas comes to Luke, Lulu and Ethan's rescue in Greece. A terrified Helena warns Nikolas that Valentin Cassadine will be coming after all of them.

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