General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, General Hospital)Logan alerts Sonny to the fact that Lulu is nowhere to be found and that Johnny seems to have taken an interest in her. Sonny gives Jason the heads up not to get Lulu involved with their plans for Johnny.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Johnny get to know each other better as they make themselves at home in an empty cabin they stumbled across. When a rifle-bearing man bursts into the cabin, Johnny jumps into action and threatens to blow the man’s head off in front of a frantic Lulu.

Luke heads to see Sonny after learning that Lulu has been in contact with Johnny. Speaking of Sonny, he flips when he finds out Carly is still investigating Leticia’s murder and orders her to stop.

At the same time, Lucky refuses to form an alliance with Ric and warns him to never hurt Elizabeth again. Elizabeth seems optimistic about the future as Emily helps her move into her new house.

Jax informs a shocked Alexis that Nikolas stabbed Jerry. Alexis and Diane are like two barracudas when they go to battle over Lucky and Elizabeth’s divorce.

The day winds down with Patrick realizing that Robin is going to ask Jax to be the father of her child and calls on Carly to nip those plans in the bud.  Finally, Leyla has an important conversation with Patrick.

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