General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Claudia confesses to Johnny that Nikolas knows about their involvement in Michael’s shooting. Johnny fears Nikolas will spill the beans to Lulu and later finds them together. Claudia makes an appeal to Carly for Johnny’s safety. Carly tears into Sonny for telling Jax to get a paternity test. An angry Carly tells Sonny she’ll seduce him and make sure Kate finds out if he continues to try and undermine her and Jax.

Shortly thereafter, Jason clashes with Sonny when Sonny tells him how to run the business. Sonny struggles with the decision he made to walk away from power.

While on the other side of town, Spinelli pretends to still be ill so Maxie will stay and take care of him. Leyla takes note of Spinelli’s crush on Maxie. Spinelli asks Leyla to describe her version of the ideal man.

Meantime, in more couples developments, Lulu gives Logan the brush off when he asks her to give him another chance. Later, Logan has a business proposition for Matt. Maxie tells Matt to steer clear of Logan. Nikolas, Leyla, Matt and Nadine wonder if the drugs given to a patient who had been treated at the clinic were actually placebos. The day winds down as Matt informs Nikolas that counterfeit drugs are a lucrative business for organized crime.

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