General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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{mosimage}Fearing he could trigger an explosion, Lucky abandons his plan to shoot Joe, who grows increasingly more agitated. Nikolas pulls Emily close and never wants her to leave him. After Mac is brought into the loop, Lucky disguises himself as a doctor and wants to start sneaking the patients out of the hospital. Robin balks at Patrick’s suggestion that they take a blood sample from Nikolas during one of his episodes but finally agrees to help. Patrick provokes Nikolas into a rage episode as Robin and some orderlies take his blood. Nikolas is a loose canon when he confronts Joe while still suffering from his uncontrollable rage. Robin suddenly collapses in front of Patrick.

While on the other side of Port Charles, and thanks to Spinelli’s cyber skills, he, Logan and Johnny figure out that Lulu is most likely being held at a monastery just outside of town. Disguised in a monk’s robe, Spinelli infiltrates the monastery as he sets out to find Lulu while Logan and Johnny wait outside. Meanwhile, Lulu begins digging away at the mortar in the stone wall of her cell and succeeds in creating a hole big enough to squeeze through into the tunnel she finds behind it.

Down in New York City, Kate is overwhelmed when Sonny surprises her by taking her to the restaurant where they had their very first date in Bensonhurst. Sonny becomes introspective as he reflects back on the night of his and Kate’s first date; how it came to be and the consequences he faced afterward at the hands of his step-father. The day winds down as Sonny’s past catches up to him.

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